This is another video in the apocalypse series, a non-serious look at how you could use different available technologies to survive an apocalypse.

This guide will show you how to create a simple trip wire alarm, that will hopefully alert you to unwanted intruders. It's fairly versatile, and can be used in a few different ways. No soldering or special tools are required.

- Youtube link
- mirror
- Torrent
- Keybase mirror


- Piezo buzzer. These can be scavanged from smoke alarms and other similar alarm systems.
- A standard 9v battery
- Small piece of semi rigid plastic. You could get this from DVD cases
- Some tape
- String, wire or fishing line
- Small elastic band
- 2 small wires


- Wire strippers and cutters, or if they're not available, a sharp knife will do.
- Scissors


Step 1. First thing to do is to strip the ends of the buzzer wires, and a couple more red wires. Make sure that the two red wires have alot of core exposed.

Step 2. Cut out two pieces of plastic and wrap one of the ends tightly with the tape.

Step 3. Wrap the two wires around both halves of the plastic. One on the top and one on the bottom. This will act as a simple switch.

Step 4. Cut some smaller pieces of plastic, wrap them in tape, and add the wire, string, or whatever you want. Fishing line is probably the best if you have it.

Step 5. Wrap the elastic band around the end of the plastic switch. This will make sure it snaps shut firmly, and completes the circuit.

Step 6. Place the tripwire into the switch, connect the rest of the wires together by twisting them together, then finally tape the red wire to the positive terminal on the battery, and the black to the negative.


The alarm is now armed. When the wired is pulled out, the piercingly loud siren triggers.

You could also hook it up to door handles, so when they're turned, the alarm is set off.

As well as that, if you add a case to it, you'll make it very difficult for intruders to turn it off.

Anyways, there's a simple tripwire alarm. If you've got any feedback, or other ideas for fun apocalypse projects, leave them in the comments. Thanks for watching.