Welcome to Cyber Dump number 19. Here's what's been happening this week. As always, all source links are below.

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A new paper published by Princeton researchers has shown how the Battery API in HTML 5 can be used to fingerprint and track users on their mobile devices. It's especially effective for advertising networks who can track you across multiple websites, fingerprint your device using the by-the-second battery indicator, and analyse your behavior. The annoying thing is there aren't really any ways to mitigate this, besides having your phone constantly plugged in.


This week, another bitcoin exchange, Bitfinex, was hacked, with around 120k btc stolen. If thisn't another reminder not to keep your funds in an exchange, then I don't know what is.

Staying with Bitcoin, Youtube user James Poole uploaded a video showing you how to install 21 cos bitcoin software onto an Amazon EC2 instance. The extremely interesting thing here is that it allows you to set up commercial software services that can potentially earn bitcoin for you around the clock.


Youtube user Agile FPV released a very interesting proof-of-concept video for his augmented reality FPV drone. The ultimate goal is to create a virtual racetrack that you can fly through, and view using an FPV headset.

In other augmented reality news, Jono Macdougall at UploadVR wrote an illuminating rundown of how the mysterious Magic Leap works. Definitely looking forward to seeing this when it finally is released.

In further AR news, MIT released a video showcasing a new technique called Interactive Dynamic Video. It measures the vibrations in flat 2D video objects, and automatically calculates the physics of how the objects move, allowing you to interact directly with the video. The cool thing about this technique is that it only requires standard recording equipment, and no expensive cameras or CGI.


Starship Technologies recently carried out their first delivery using their autonomous delivery robot. Obviously this an early version, but I can definitely see the potential here. Find out more at


The first video by VICE is a short documentary about Thailand's recent crackdown on freedom of expression on the internet, and the hackers and activists who are fighting back.

The HOPE XI conference also recently wrapped up, and there are tonnes of new videos of the talks that happened. Definitely worth a look if you're into internet freedom, privacy, hacking etc.


This week I made a short edit exploring some of the ways robots are currently changing our world, and what the future may hold for us. Check it out if you haven't yet.


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