Welcome to Cyber Dump number 22. Your weekly look at what's been happening in this insane age of technology that we live in. As always, all source links mentioned are included below.

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The credit-card sized EOMA68 free and open source software computer passed its funding goal on Crowd Supply last week, meaning you can now pre-order one for yourself. This could be one of the best recent developments in computing, and I think I may do a separate video about it.


I found this awesome site called Wikiverse, which visualizes the staggering amount of data on Wikipedia, and the different countless connections between information. Not much else to say other than definitely check it out.


Microsoft Research showed off their Room2Room Life-size telepresence demo, which uses two kinnects and projectors to create these hologram-like realtime videos. It also has interesting perspective rendering to give the illusion of 3 dimensions.

Aero Glass also uploaded a video presenting their augmented reality system for plane pilots. It will be interesting to see whether this kind of transport oriented technology eventually bleeds into other parts of everyday life too.

SECURITY was hacked back in 2012, and only this week it was revealed the severity of the breach. Techcrunch reports 43million accounts were hacked.

Another 2012 hack, this time of Dropbox resurfaced again this week too, when 60million accounts were found floating around the web.

As well as that, the Opera browser's cloud sync service was hacked this week, exposing users data and saved passwords.

And to top it off, on the back of the iOS 9 zero day which was patched last week, Apple announced a new critical vulnerability patch for OS X after something similar was found on the desktop operating system. Update your system right now if this affects you.


Delft Dynamics released a video showing off the DroneCatcher, a drone with a net gun attached to a moveable gimbal that tangles and brings down other drones in the vicinity.


MontaroBot showed off their TeleTrak telepresence robot, which adds a few more features than the standard Ipad on wheels we've all seen, including articulating screen, offroad tracks, super bright headlights, and arm that can be used for pressing buttons etc.

We also saw the GoCart, an autonomous delivery bot that is being testing in care homes and science labs in New Zealand. I had to include this because it reminded me of the RALF robot from Flight of the Navigator. What was scifi in the 80s is now real life.


Youtube user guy in garage uploaded a follow-up video of his Songbird 3D printed pistol, this time going into more detail about the various parts, and how it is assembled.


Two interesting videos this week. The first is a mini documentary by Motherboard where they visit UK hacker Major Malfunction, and go over some of the insecurities in various RFID applications such as credit cards and passports.

The next is a DefCon talk by Chris Rock where he goes over some of the theoretical ways you'd go about overthrowing a government using technology.


That's it for this week. We will be resuming other videos and articles soon, so stay tuned. Other than that, if you'd like to support NODE, you can use the QR codes or links in the description. Thanks for watching.