Welcome to Cyber Dump number 27, your weekly look at what's happening in this insane age of technology that we live in. As always, all source links mentioned are below.

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Youtube user FPS Weapons made an interesting video showing you how to create your own EMP generator, which can reset and turn off small electronics, such as phones and handheld games consoles.


Mark Zuckerberg showed off the Facebook Social VR demo, which is an interesting way to interact with people in virtual space. I'm not the biggest fan of Facebook, but this is cool. Hopefully other, more open platforms will be doing similar things soon.

AMD have also teamed up with Oculus to release a $499 Oculus-ready PC. Sure, you could probably build a custom one for cheaper, but hopefully this will be a sign of things to come.

In other VR news, Google announced the Daydream View, the first headset and controller for their new mobile VR platform. It's coming out in November, with a $79 pricetag.


Researchers from CITEC Bielefeld in Germany demonstrated their Humotion project, which aims to create a framework for more expressive, and human-like gaze control in humanoid robots.

Ghost Robotics also showed off their Ghost Minitaur robot, a four legged beast that can tackle a bunch of different terrains, climb fences and stairs, and open doors.


Anil Polat has a really useful project which maps various of airports all over the world, listing which ones have free wifi, and providing passwords for various lounges too. It's also available as an app on both iOS and Android.


Zachtronics released ShenZhen I/O, an interesting game where you play as an engineer who designs electronics. You have to solve puzzles by designing ciruits, adding components, and coding them to make it work, kind of like an electronics emulator. It's currently available on Steam.


The EPFL in Switzerland has developed their own lightweight exoskeleton which allows paralyzed people to walk and climb stairs. This particular model will be used in this years Cybathlon which takes place today.


This week developers at Blockstream successfully tested a transaction on the in-development lightning network, purchasing an ASCII picture of a cat, and taking a step closer to enabling high speed micropayments for Bitcoin.


I don't usually post TV stuff on here, but I'll make an exception for one of my favourite series, Black Mirror. The new trailer for season 3 was released this week, and it seems like we're in for more of the same dystopian stories about the darker implications of technology.

The next video is a talk by Dr Christoph Bartnek, who goes over some of the challenges with developing effective human-robot interaction.