Welcome to Cyber Dump number 48, your look at what's happening in this insane age of technology that we live in. As always, all source links mentioned are below.

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Samsung recently unveiled their new Odyssey virtual reality headset, and it looks interesting. The display resolution is slightly higher than all other competitors at 1440 by 1600 per eye. It also has tracking which doesn't require extra room sensors.

Kazumichi Moriyama uploaded a video of the general purpose arm, a robot controlled by a remote pilot who wears a head mounted display and articulated hand controllers.


Researchers from the University of Minnesota showed off a concept for a hybrid robot and drone system. It rolls on the ground, and can also transform to fly too. There aren't many other details, but it looks pretty cool.


Dentists in China's Shaanxi Province have carried out the first dental implants using an autonomous robot. This thing maps out the users skull and jaw, and can precisely drill and insert implants. I can't imagine people who already hate the dentist will like this.

In other news, Honda have been developing an experimental walking robot for use in industrial disasters. This thing can climb stairs and ladders, side step over gaps, and crawl through rubble.


Fraunhofer have created a new screen technology which integrates photo diodes into every single pixel. This means for augmented reality headsets, you can natively track eye movements using just the screen alone. The 0.6 inch displays also have a pixel density of 1667 pixels per inch.

Discover Studios also showed off a quick augmented reality prototype for The Amazing World of Gumball. I'd never really thought of it before, but anime and cartoons could be a novel use for augmented reality.


Researchers from UT Austin have invented the handheld mass spectrometry pen, which can be pressed on tissue to tell whether the cells inside are cancerous.

The idea is to help surgeons quickly decipher which bits of tissue need to be removed during operations.


This one is a little old, but I only saw it recently. Korean company Sketch On has released the Prinker, a curious device which printed temporary tattoos directly onto skin. I'd love to take one of these apart, to figure out how it works. I can see lots more uses for a device like this.


Two new videos this week. The first is a talk by Microsoft, outlining their vision for mixed reality. They recently bought AltSpaceVR, and it looks like it's part of their plans.

The Open Hardware summit happened recently in Denver, and the organization has just uploaded a bunch of talks from the event too. Check them out if you're interested in hardware hacking


Last week human NODE showed you the Digital Multitool, which allows you to carry your keys and other data and accessories in a compact little package.

He also posted an article on the site about the direction he's been taking NODE, and the reasoning behind it all. Check it out if you're interested.

Alright, thanks for watching. Maybe I'll see you in the wires some day. Goodbye meat-bags.