Welcome to Cyber Dump number 52, your look at what's happening in this insane age of technology that we live in. As always, all source links mentioned are below.

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Starting off with some nice DIY projects. Tyson Power has created a really simple design for a 3D printed satellite antenna. Hook it up to a cheap SDR dongle, and you can receive data from over 22,000 miles away.

Robotics team Steampunk 1577 have also made a cool video showing off their adaptor, which turns a regular wheelchair into a fully electric one, all controlled by an easy to use joystick. They've included all the files in their video description.


Logitech have announced the Bridge SDK, which when coupled with HTC's Vive Tracker, allows for full tracking of your hands and keyboard in VR. Another cool thing is that you can customize the keyboard for different applications, and I'd be interesting to see how this develops.

Speaking of controllers and input devices, a group of researchers from the University of Tokyo have created a system for making custom trackable props that trick the brain into thinking their bigger than they actually are.

They use a algorithm which reduces the size of say a VR sword, and generates a file for a laser cutter, which can then be weighted in a certain way to trick the user, and save space in the real world.


This isn't really news, but I thought it was cool. Fans at New York Knicks games get to see a human and drone dance chereography at the start of games, I believe from this season onwards. It's definitely a sign of the times.


Ford and Ekso Bionics have teamed up to trial upper body exoskeletons on Ford's assembly line workers, who often work with their hands and arms in elivated positions all day. The aim is to reduce stress on the workers bodies, and prevent common shoulder and back related injuries.


NAVYA have begun testing what they say is the first self driving taxi cab that has no steering wheel, on the streets of Paris. This one definitely looks more futuristic than all the other autonomous cars out there don't ya think?

SwarmFarm announced their partnership with Bosch to create autonomous farming robots, which they have been testing in rural Australia.


I featured the ANYmal robot a little while back, but the team has recently released a clip showing how the bot is now learning to perform simple manipulative tasks such as using an elevator.


Two new videos this week. The first, by Motherboard is a little documentary, which follows tinkerers who are recycling batteries for use in electric cars, and solar powerwalls.

The next takes a look at Keanu Reeves' custom motorcycle shop, which designs completely handmade bikes. One thing that stood out was the use of virtual reality when designing their newest range. Pretty cool.

Anyways, that's it for this week. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next video.