Welcome to Cyber Dump number 62, your look at what's happening in this insane age of technology that we live in. All links mentioned are on the NODE website.

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Starting off with drones this week, UK startup Intelligent Energy is set to launch a new hydrogen fuel cell for commercial drones at the end of the month. Recently they broke a record for the longest multirotor drone flight using their fuel cells, which clocked over 12 hours continous flight time.

In other news, Fotokite launched a tethered drone system designed specifically for firefighters and other emergency situations. This little thing is powered by its base station, and provides overwatch whenever a realtime eye in the sky is needed.


The march of automation continues, and this week a lot has been happening.

OTTO Motors showed off their Omega self driving forklift trucks, for use in warehouses. According to the launch video, these things can easily switch between manual human control, and full autonomous operation.

Honeywell Intelligrated also announced their robotic unloader, which replaces another link in the logistics cycle. This massive machine automatically unloads boxes from the back of trucks, in apparently half the time it takes manually.

In other news, Starship Technologies uploaded a video detailing their 1 year anniversary of robot grocery deliveries in uk town Milton Keynes. It's fascinating to hear how the residents have accepted these bots as a part of everyday life.

Built Robotics put out a new promo for their fleet of autonomous construction machines recently too.

Even the bloody astronauts aren't safe either, as NASA have developed the Astrobee robot system, which can fly in zero gravity, and autonomously perform routine tasks.


I think I mentioned this a while back, but MyndVR have rolled out version 2 of their VR system aimed specifically at elderly people in care homes. The system has a bunch of specially made experiences which help virtually transport residents to many different places.

Now this is an interesting technology. VR company FeelReal have launched a kickstarter campaign for their smell-o-vision type add-on for virtual reality headsets. Not only can it produce aromas for greater immersion, but, according to them, it also can create wind, heat, and water mist.

Black Box in San Francisco has announced it's first VR gym, which opens this month. The facilities include a bunch of specially made experiences which link to the machines, allowing users to battle each other, and gamify working out in a new way.


Michael Rivera and Scott Hudson have developed a new way to print a fabric-like material on 3D printers, dubbed Desktop Electrospinning. Their method uses a modified build plate which creates an electrostatic charge, drawing super fine strands of melted filament out of the regular nozzle and extruder. More details are on Michael's website.


And finally, it wouldn't be a Cyber Dump without a new Boston Dynamics video. This time the company shows us what the updated version of Santa's sleigh will look like once they've ushered in the robot apocalypse. Nice one.


I just wanted to say thanks for the support on the zine, I'm glad a lot of you liked it. I should be receiving the physical copies from the printers at the end of the week, and after that I'll start shipping them all out.

A few of you also were curious about Dat as well, so I uploaded an article which appeared in the zine, all about Dat, and how it works. Check it out on the NODE site.

Alright, that's it for this week. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next video.


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