Sometimes it gets a bit tedious having to type out various commands into a terminal, and they're easy to forget if you only use them now and again.

Thankfully there are some tools that help simplify many common commands, which is especially handy for light users or beginners.

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The first tool is Climate, created by Adhityaa Chandrasekar. This works on various GNU/Linux flavors, and basically sets up a bunch of aliases for commonly used commands.

To install it, open up a terminal and clone the Github repo:

git clone

Then change to the new climate directory, and install it.

cd climate
sudo ./install

Once installed you can view all the commands by simply typing climate and pressing enter.


There are currently over 50 really useful commands available, ranging from things like checking the battery level:

climate battery

To monitoring specific files for any changes, and refreshing with new updates:

climate monitor file

To quickly finding out what your public or local IP addresses are:

climate local-ip

To finding your current trash size, and emptying it, and everything in between.

climate trash-size
climate empty-trash

Definitely check out the Github page for more information, and a detailed look at all the commands.


The next tool is Mac CLI, which as you guessed is similar to Climate, but for Macs.

This tool has over 100 commands, ranging from general ones like locking, restarting, sleeping your system, to manually enabling and disabling network interfaces, extracting and compressing various file formats, to networking, databases, ssh'ing, and git utilities amongst others.

To install this one you can use this command, which downloads and runs an installer script:

sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

Once complete, you can open a terminal and type mac help, and you'll see all the commands available to you.

mac help

Again, like climate, there are lots of commands that could help your everyday operation of your system. You simply type mac, and then the specific command you want to use.


Obviously if you're a sysadmin or power user you'll want to know the original commands to integrate them into BASH script etc, but if you just want to quickly use various useful commands, these could come in handy.

Do you know of any other similar tools out there? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for watching.