Yesterday I showed you a couple of tools to help simplify your command line experience, and some people in the comments suggested a few others which might be useful. Thanks for the feedback people, and here they are.

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TLDR is a great little utility which simplifies manual pages. The whole thing is community driven, and you can get involved through their Github page.

Installing it is pretty simple using npm.

sudo npm install -g tldr

You then just type tldr, then the command you want to get the low-down on.

tldr tar

I really like this one, especially how it gives both a quick overview of what the utilities do, and the most commonly used examples for how to use them.

tldr find

If you don't want to install it on your system, there is also a live web demo, where you can type in most commands, and get the TLDR version quickly.

This is also pretty nice in that you can use the osx and linux prefixes to specify commands that work on those respective platforms.


Similar to TLDR is Bro. This one is more of a social platform where users can submit their short bro pages, and other users can upvote or downvote them.

You can also install this on Mac and Linux, though you'll need Ruby's package manager installed first.

sudo gem install bropages

Unlike TLDR, when you look at a bro page in a terminal, it pulls all the records from the site, and lists them all, which can be a bit tedious scrolling through, but might be helpful if you're looking for something more obscure.


Honorable mention goes to this funny little app called The Fuck. It basically corrects the previous console command if it's entered incorrectly.

For example, if you mistype python, you'll get an error saying the mispelled app doesn't exist, but if you then type fuck and press enter, it guesses what you were trying to say and inputs it automatically.


This one also works on Mac and various flavors of Linux, so check out the github page for specific installation instructions, and more detailed info.


Anyways, thanks again for the suggestions. Hopefully these will be useful to some of you.

Also wanted to mention that I've almost finished some more hardware projects, so look out for them soon. Thanks for watching.