Hey everyone hope you're doing well. Today I've got a slightly different type of video for you all.

Some friends of mine have been developing a platform, called VoluntaryNet, and this could be one of the ways we can give users control back over their digital lives. It's a peer to peer platform that works directly in the browser, meaning it runs natively across many devices.

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Currently, the team has gotten both public key exchange, private encrypted messaging, and a simple twitter-like social network all working, but they need help to develop this further.

The next steps are to redesign the interface, add onion routing for increased privacy, and eventually expand to audio/video and group chat, cryptocurrency wallets, video streams, and more - all running on the same underlying platform. Some of this is cutting edge, but I think now is the right time to strike, as many browsers will be adopting more P2P protocols natively in the near future.

The end goal is a peer to peer network, where users can communicate, create, trade, and consume information and entertainment, all while retaining full control of their data, and never having to touch a third party service again. A true digital public square, which is free to use, run by the users, and which, by design, cannot be shut down.

A platform which harkens back to the early days of the Internet. A place that's sole purpose is to give you a digital voice, so you can share your thoughts and ideas, without all the nonsense we're accustomed to today. No harvesting your data, no ads, no tokens, no secret algorithms, and no gatekeepers or censors.


The team is looking for specific technical assistance to help speed up development, and get this out as soon as possible.

Currently they are looking for people with skills in javascript and WebRTC development, security auditing, minimalist interface design, and documentation writing.

To be clear, the aim here is to build something that enables the next stage of the internet. This is not just another anti-twitter or anti-facebook clone, it's a completely different beast. A free to use service, run by everyone, which has the potential to scale to millions of users.

To learn more, go to Share this video far and wide, so we can get the best people involved. Now is the time to put our heads down, and start building. Thanks for watching.