Whilst I'm still working on the new version of the mini server, the modified Pi with it's own hard drive, I wanted to show you another, smaller prototype I made, but I'm undecided on whether to keep pursuing it.

It's called the NODE micro server, and it fits in between the nano and mini, as basically a slightly more powerful, yet still small plug and play server.

- Youtube link
- Project source files


Like the other designs I've done, this basically takes a modified Raspberry Pi 3, and adds a handful of features to make it more suited to running as a server.

The case is mostly made from a single 3D printed piece, and the final thing is actually a bit smaller than a regular Pi case.

On top there's a built in fan, which connects directly to the 5V and GND GPIO pins.

Underneath, the case is open, which allows access to the micro sd card, and also makes heat dissipation easier. The opening also makes it more less fiddly to install the fan, which just slides in place.

You'll notice that all the main ports are now at the back of the device, and that's due to some modifications I did. The HDMI port is still accessible in case you need to use a GUI to set up your system, though it has a dust cover over it for when it's not in use.

On the board itself, I removed the middle double USB ports, and replaced it with a single one. On top of that rests a custom PCB which has both a micro USB port for power, as well as an inward facing USB port. This enables you to plug in a flash drive for extra storage, without making the device any bigger.

Other modifications include removing the display connector at the back of the board, and the composite audio/video jack.

There are also two custom 3D printed brackets which screw onto the board, holding everything in place. Assembling is really easy, you just connect the fan, slide the Pi in, and screw it into place. Push the end cap on, and you're good to go.


So yeah, that's the Micro Server. I'm probably not going to continue with this one, but wanted to show you anyways. Maybe it'll be useful to some of you. The source files to make your own are above.

I've almost finished the slightly beefier Mini Server, with it's built in hard drive, and it's way better, and more useful. Can't wait to show you.

Anyways, that's all for this video. Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next one.