Here's a simple project I've been working on that I think you may like.

I've been wanting to make a multitool for electronics for a while now, but never could figure out the best form factor. I originally was looking at credit card type tools, but it never worked as well as I hoped.

I've seen other people create 3D printed memory card holders and such, but thought they never looked too great. However, when I found out that you can buy premade key organizers, I got to work on modifying one to fit my needs. Here it is.

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So from the outside, it looks like an ordinary key organizer, or multitool. You can pick ones like these up from Amazon or Ebay, they're not hard to find.

Inside there is space for an ordinary key on the top, and perhaps enough room for a second thinner key if you need it.

Beneath that there's a standard USB flash drive. You could easily swap this out with say a Yubikey authenticator or something else too.

Underneath that there is a custom 3D printed insert, which can hold 2 micro sd cards. The underside is designed so you can pop them out easily as needed.

On the other side there's another custom insert, this time containing a Kingston USB microsd card reader, as well as a micro USB OTG adaptor. Combined with the other slots, this means you can hold 3 micro SD cards, which could be handy not just for data, but diagnostics and live boot drives.

There's also a USB charging adaptor which attaches snugly to the 3D printed part. Just plug it in upside down, and it fits in nicely.

On the back, there's a handy little clip, allowing you to secure it to your pocket. Simple.


That's the NODE digital multitool, there's not really much else to explain. I find it pretty useful to have all these things in a compact package that I can carry on my person.

Check the source files above to create your own. I'll look into making a batch of these if any of you are interested.

Thanks for watching and I'll see you in the next video.