Here's a quick update to the NFC Key, a device that lets you transfer a decent amount of data over NFC, while also improving security by making passive activation impossible.

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When testing the previous version, I was having some problems with the antenna, and the tactile feedback for the buttons, so I changed some things up.

This version is a little bit longer, and as such, has a slightly more powerful antenna.

This single antenna still allows you to power one of the two 8KB chips at a time. Like the previous version, each chips connection is broken, unless its corresponding button is pressed. This makes passive activation, say, when it's in your pocket, physically impossible.

Instead of using heatshrink to protect the board, this time I have designed a custom 3D printed case, which protects both the chips and the antenna, while still allowing full clickiness and tactile feedback from the mini momentary switches. Pretty simple, but it should protect it well whilst it's inside your pocket.

Also like the previous version, there is a little keychain hole, so you can attach it to a key ring or similar. This has been plated, so it's nice and robust.


In case you didn't see the last video, this is a programmable NFC key that has different potential applications.

Using an NFC compatible smartphone (I've only tested on Android), you can load all sorts of data onto the chips, such as crypto addresses, tap to pay credit card data, personal info, door access codes and more. The extra storage capacity also means it could be a good candidate for exchanging GPG public keys in person.

What makes this different from regular NFC tags is both the storage capacity of the chips, which is many times larger than regular ones, and also the buttons, allowing you to choose what data to show, and when.


So that's the NFC Key version 2. This one looks and works much better than the previous one, and it's available to buy right now.

I also wanted to mention that I have been working on many new hardware projects, and I'll be releasing them over the next little while. Thanks for being patient, and I'll see you in the next video.