This past week I've been working on the NODE site, making a few fundamental changes, and I wanted to quickly tell you about them.

- Youtube link
- mirror
- Torrent
- Keybase mirror


The site has moved away from using Tumblr for the backend. This also means there's now finally SSL encryption across the whole site too.


The homepage is now a simple one-page list, with oldest posts at the bottom, and newest at the top.

Each list item has a category tag on the left, so you can use the browser search function to find different types of posts, like hardware or software guides, cyber dumps etc.

The posts that have been the most popular also have an asterisk next to them, making them easier to spot.


Having static pages now means the site is straightforward to backup.

Accordingly, there is now a new Github repo which contains the entire site contents incase you want to download it, or keep track.


In keeping with the decentralized spirit of NODE, and not wanting to be too reliant on services like Youtube, each video post also now includes two video mirrors, one by and one by keybase, and there's also a torrent link.

Both the keybase and links also allow you to easily download all the videos without touching any Google services.

I may even explore creating mirror versions of the site on distributed platforms like ZeroNet or I2P.


You may have noticed no new videos last week, and this is why. Hopefully the site is now more closely aligned to the open source and decentralized values that NODE is all about. Watch out for new content soon, and thanks for watching.