You may have noticed a recent up-tick in me making projects that have an emphasis on being sold in the shop, and I wanted to explain why this has been happening.

If you've followed events on Youtube in particular, you may know that they have been acting sporadicly with regards to removing ads from channels, and sometimes banning users without any reason given. Obviously this is a problem of centralization.

NODE hasn't been hit that hard by the 'adpocalypse', as it doesn't generate that much revenue anyway, but as a result of all this chaos on the platform, the move to focus more on the shop is a way to create a buffer, and allow the NODE project to remain independent. I do not want to ever have to rely on a company like Google, who could easily pull the plug at any time.

I'm trying to do it in a way where we both benefit, i.e. you buy something you actually want to have, and I receive money to continue development of more stuff. I've never really liked the idea of ad-funded development, and the quicker we get to a point where they're not needed, the better.

All the actual videos and articles will always be free, and I'll continue to release project files when they're available.

Rest assured though, once I've gotten the funding side of things down solidly, I will devote more time to continue working through the other important projects and videos that I said I would. This is just a stepping stone to enable the bigger plans I have.

Finally, I want to say thank you to everyone who has watched, read, shared and funded NODE, I hope I can live up to your expectations (and sometimes exceed them).