The human body and its accompanying organs form the most advanced piece of organic technology in the world, and to this day we still don't fully understand all of its workings. However, we do understand the importance of required vitamins and minerals to keep our body running smooth and healthy. Much like an automobile, the body requires that blood, as well as all other bodily fluids and tissue be of the utmost quality, but with the body recycling or rebuilding much of its internal pieces, it's in the person's best interest to ensure a steady input of these vital ingredients.

A common theme among science fiction is the advent of drinks and food that forego taste and luxury for purpose. The purpose of specifically providing you with your daily required dosage of vitamins and minerals to ensure the healthiest body. Oftentimes these supplements are presented as a cost-effective way for the less fortunate to still maintain healthy systems without the use or distraction of expensive food and drink. As with most technological advancements that we're seeing, meal replacement is becoming a quickly-growing trend among technology giants, and hobbyists alike.

Companies such as Soylent have taken full advantage of the open market, first providing customers with month-long cases of powdered smoothie meals that provide one with well over 20% of their daily vitamins and minerals in a full 16-ounce glass, as well as providing the user with a full 400 calories, ensuring it provides you not only with essential nutrients, but the necessary calories to keep your body full of energy. This makes Soylent not only a great meal replacement, but a great meal in general. They've since expanded their horizons, offering pre-mixed Soylent bottles, as well as mixtures of Soylent and coffee for the mornings, and the newly revealed Soylent Food Bar that provides even more vitamins and minerals in a solid, convenient bar form.

For those not willing to pay the price tag that Soylent has attached to itself, there are also numerous communities growing larger each day, dedicated to the creation of user-generated Soylent alternatives. Meal replacement supplements created with the idea of the user crafting a powder that meets their more specific dietary concerns, while still providing those important aspects of a supplement. With this in mind, we can say that Soylent, and meal replacement already has the essential makings of its own black market, as users create more and more cost-effective alternatives to its own creations.

Supplements and proteins have been around for many years, helping people offset their diets to provide the maximum amount of required nutrients, and as these technologies grow and expand, we're seeing more and more users turn to meal replacement to maintain their bodies during mentally draining sessions of activity. The futuristic smoothies have become especially popular with programmers, as it allows them to keep a day's worth of nutrients in just a few simple bottles.

For more information on Soylent, visit the Official Website (, or for information on DIY Supplement Powders, you can visit the Soylent Reddit ( for a complete breakdown.