Today I'm back with an update on the Pi Plug I made a while back. This prototype is still in the works, and is much more modular than the previous version.

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- Archive.org mirror
- Torrent
- Source files


- RS Pro USB Power Supply (https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/plug-in-power-supply/9076255)
- 2 Pin, 1.5mm pitch JST male connector
- 2 Pin, 1.5mm pitch JSL female SMT socket
- 2x Custom PCBs
- 3D Printed Bridge
- 2x 5mm M2.5 Screws
- 2x 20mm M2.5 Screws
- 4x M2.5 Hex Nuts


I took a cheap little switching charger by RS-Online, and created a modular adaptor so you can attach a Pi Zero W for continuous power. Since the Zero W also has wifi, it essentially turns it into a tiny, self-contained server or node.

The power supply itself is pretty small, and has 4 interchangeable plugs so it works in most places around the world.

The adaptor consists of two custom PCBs, which are connected using a JST connector, and a 3D printed bridge to add sturdiness.

The front PCB has two small contacts which have small solder lumps on them. This allows the Pi Zero to be attached by screws alone, so no soldering is required. The solder lumps are forced up against the testpads under the Zero to make a solid connection.

I designed this so it's as modular as possible. You just assemble everything, screw it together, plug it into the top of the power supply, and turn it on.

It's worth mentioning that you shouldn't plug anything into the micro USB power port while this is turned on, as you will probably break something.


I'm not sure whether I'm going to sell this. I like the idea of self-hosting servers and nodes being as simple and small as possible. Hopefully this could be useful? Let me know.

Thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next video