Here's a quick update to the Pi Plug Computer project I showed you recently. Some parts have been redesigned slightly, resulting in a much better end product.

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- Torrent
- Source files


- RS Pro USB Power Supply (
- 2 Pin, 1.5mm pitch JST male connector
- 2 Pin, 1.5mm pitch JSL female SMT socket
- 2x Mini Spring Finger Contacts
- 2x Custom PCBs
- 3D Printed Bridge
- 2x 5mm M2.5 Screws
- 2x 30mm M2.5 Screws
- 4x M2.5 Hex Nuts


In general, I have improved the design so it looks a bit nicer, and is more robust than the previous version. This one also has a new cover, which both protects and conceals the Zero.

The 3D printed parts around the USB plug have also been redesigned, so it's not only more secure and sturdy, but it includes grooves which allow the cover to slide over and stay in place.

The cover itself is pretty simple, and does a good job hiding all the parts. It just slots over the top of the adapter, and is very secure when on. The bottom is open, so you still have access to the micro SD card if need be.

The Zero PCB now has a little riser attached to it, allowing the Pi Zero to be affixed without putting stress on the board. To improve the connection to the testpads further, I've now also added two mini spring finger contacts instead of just using solder blobs.

Besides that, it's pretty modular like the previous version, and after screwing everything together, you just add the Zero to the power adapter, then slide the cover on. Easy.


Anyways, I just wanted to give you that quick update. The files for this are above under the 'source files' link

I'm really happy with how this version turned out, what do you think? I might do a few extra videos showing what you can do with something like this.

I'm still toying with whether to sell them, as I need to figure out the best way to affordably ship the bigger packages. Either way, I'll let you know.

Alright, thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next video.