Hello everyone, and Merry Christmas. How're you all? Yes I am alive.

I just wanted to give an update on the state of everything. This past 6 or so months I've been working on NODE Vol 02, amongst other projects. I've had some good and bad times, but on the whole things are going good.

I took a break from YT videos mainly because I find myself caring less about that side of things these days. Plus I hardly have any time. Maybe that'll change, but who knows?

(On a related note, I often wonder whether mass social media is a good or bad thing for society, and if the older way of friend to friend networks and smaller, sometimes private online groups are the way forward, instead of the current giant cesspits of people endlessly bickering. Maybe we've been tricked into thinking the only way these things are 'valuable' is if they have mass adoption?)

For those asking about N-O-D-E.news, I ended up shutting it down after a few months, as very few people were actually visiting the site, and I couldn't justify the hours of research I had to put in every day to make it usable.

One thing that's crystalized in my mind over the past year, is to stop announcing massive project ideas before I've made enough progress on them. Yes I know it's good to rally everyone, but I've learned now the downside is everything stalling due to the inevitable spectrum of opinions on which way to move. The people management side of things was a much harder problem that I really underestimated.

Saying that though, things are ticking along, and progress is being made in various areas - some of which you'll see in the coming months.

Life is a funny old thing, and as I go on through mine, it appears more evident to me that we all have our roles to play. I really struggle with my existence every day. Maybe we are the players, and this is all a cosmic game? I understand that I'm fundamentally nobody, and I hope something positive can come out of this little project.

I don't know where the fuck life will take this, but I'm here for the ride. Next year looks like it'll be eventful, and even though I've wanted to in the past, I am not giving up.

Thanks for sticking around. See you in 2020.