Here's a prototype for a new zero terminal that I wanted to share with you. It uses a different form factor from all the previous Raspberry Pi mini pcs I've made in the past, and kind of looks like a cross between the old Nintendo 2DS and a Pocket Chip.

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This version is a handheld Linux terminal which uses a Pi Zero and some other easy to find parts. It measures 113 x 127mm, with a depth of 13mm.

On the front is a 3.5 inch analog display which is from a car backup monitor. It has a pretty low screen res at 480x272 pixels, but it's good enough for using the console.

I also hooked up an easy to find bluetooth keyboard, and incorporated it into the case. Unlike the previous Zero Terminal, this keyboard has all the special keys needed to use a text interface.

On the side you have access to the micro SD card, so you can swap different operating systems. There's a full size USB port, the power switch, charging port, and a pairing button for setting up the keyboard.

The top of the device gives access to the mini HDMI port, so you can plug this into a monitor, add a mouse or keyboard, and use the desktop interface like a regular computer too.

This kind of form factor also means there is much more room inside the case for a big battery, and this device contains a 4000mAh lipo, which should give you around 10 hours of battery life depending on what you're doing with it.


What do you think? How do you think it could be improved, while still keeping the cost down?

Just wanted to let you know I'm almost finished with the new Pi 3 mini laptop, I'm just waiting for a part to get here, then it's done.

Alright thanks for watching, and I'll see you in the next video.